ACS – Chemistry Festival February – 2020 Costa Rica

This event is supported by the American Chemical Society through an ACS International Festival Grant.

The Festival is part of the ACS International Chemistry Festival series. Its mission is to inspire young students and in-service teachers through the use of simple, hands-on activities that promote interest in science, particularly chemistry. The Festival creates a space where individuals, who otherwise might have limited access to science and scientific information, can see science in action and interact with scientists. It favors a balanced, educated perception of science and chemistry, and it strives to improve the public image of scientists. Additionally, the Festival encourages attendees to seek information on public higher education in Costa Rica. IMG_4933

Students who develop scientific vocation may find more support (or less resistance) at home if their guardians are cognizant of the role of science in society and of the many possibilities open to future scientists. Thus our interest to reach and engage their guardians, as well.

The Festival has stand-alone stations run by student volunteers from the Technological Institute of Costa Rica, TEC, and the University of Costa Rica, UCR. A team of ACS-active professors from both institutions coordinates the event. Additionally, first-year chemistry majors present multimedia scientific communication projects they have designed during their second college semester.

The Festival is held at an emblematic, 19th Century building in the city of Cartago: the Pirie Building. Also known as the Casa de la Ciudad or the City’s House, the Pirie Building was the first campus of the TEC. The City’s House is a vibrant cultural center that attracts a diverse array of citizens.

This is an activity of the ACS-TEC International Student Chapter and it is supported by a grant from the American Chemical Society.

ACS Festival Training Institute, Lima, Peru, June 2019

Dr. Isaac Céspedes Camacho and Dr. Santiago Sandi-Urena (back row, far left) at the ACS Festival Training Institute hosted by the ACS-Peru International Chemical Sciences Chapter.